11 West 42nd Street / New York / NY, NJ, CT, MA / North America / World

11 West 42nd Street is a 32-story high-rise located between prestigious 5th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

11 West 42nd Street was designed by the architectural firm York & Sawyer and was completed in 1927.

The building’s unique H-shaped layout allows for eight corner offices per floor and a great deal of natural light throughout.

11 West 42nd Street is a historical building in close proximity to the heart of midtown Manhattan. The site allows direct access to Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and the New York Public Library, with superb views of beautiful Bryant Park. Transportation is plentiful, including subway and bus lines as well as commuter trains via Grand Central Terminal or a short connection to Penn Station.

Key Details

  • Superb views of Bryant Park
  • Magnificently ornate lobby
  • Eight corner offices per floor
  • 24-hour staffed security
  • Easy access to Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, the Port Authority, and public transportation
  • Across the street from the New York Public Library

Property Location

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New York / NY, NJ, CT, MA / North America
300 Park Avenue 71,819 773,056
Rockefeller Center A DEEPER LOOK 871,683 9,382,728
375 Hudson Street 101,090 1,088,126
520 Madison Avenue 97,247 1,046,754
Hearst Tower 70,525 856,000
Chrysler Center A DEEPER LOOK 191,637 2,062,772
The MetLife Building A DEEPER LOOK 286,003 3,078,513
CitySpire 34,356 369,800
11 West 42nd Street 88,774 955,559

The Top Line:

88,774 m2

955,559 sq. ft.



11 West 42nd Street
New York, NY

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