Our ComMitment to the EnvironmentHow far does our commitment to the environment extend? Soon it will reach over 56 million square feet across four continents. As both custodians of the past and pioneers of the future, we incorporate sustainable practices throughout our global portfolio to remain at the forefront of our industry.

For over three decades, Tishman Speyer has been committed to developing, redeveloping and operating our buildings with a higher level of efficiency. We use technology and innovation through every stage of a property’s lifecycle in order to reduce energy and waste, and to manage our resources better. In this way, we seek to deliver superior performance and opportunities for our investors and provide real estate of enduring value for our tenants and community stakeholders. 

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Today, initiatives of this kind are often seen through the lens of sustainability. But, for us, they have always been smart business practice. Actions to use renewable energy, recycle building materials, reduce waste and conserve water are grounded in economic decisions to help reduce our operating expenses and mitigate energy price risks. Simply put, we follow sustainable practices in every one of our properties because sustainability builds value. 

We leverage cutting-edge technology and industry-leading operations and construction practices to build sustainable properties around the world.

Rob Speyer

President and Chief Executive Officer
New York City

Jerry I. Speyer

New York City

Our Firsts: 
LEED Gold for Existing Buildings in NY
375 Hudson Street, US
Building to achieve LEED Gold in South America
Rochaverá Corporate Towers, Brazil
Triple-rated (LEED, BREEAM and HQE) multi-tenant property among existing buildings globally
Tour Esplanade, France
Tower to achieve LEED Platinum in Frankfurt
TaunusTurm, Germany
Key Highlights: 
spent on energy across the globe in 2013
of our portfolio is benchmarked in Energy Star, with an average score of 76
of the US portfolio scored higher than 75 in Energy Star
of the best HQE rated existing buildings in France are managed by Tishman Speyer


Global Sustainability Report No. 3

A comprehensive summary highlighting Tishman Speyer's key sustainability initiatives, demonstrating superior performance in environmentally-sound building operations and construction management around the world.

A brief summary of the Global Sustainability Report No. 3 can be downloaded here in print format.