Creating Environments that Foster Scientific Breakthroughs

Creating Environments that Foster Scientific Breakthroughs

We believe scientists and innovators deserve great spaces

Breakthrough Properties can provide them with best-in-class facilities, tailored amenities, cutting-edge technology and access to a robust life science ecosystem. We formed Breakthrough, a joint venture between Tishman Speyer and Bellco Capital, in 2019. There was a need for thoughtful, future-proof designs that incorporate community, a user-driven perspective, and a global platform. We recognized that, with our partners, we could be the home of scientific discoveries because we understand what scientists do, how they do it and why they do it.

Bringing together firsthand experience and innovation

Bringing together firsthand experience and innovation

Bringing together firsthand experience and innovation
Breakthrough is a partnership between two best-in-class companies with complementary expertise. We’ve combined Tishman Speyer’s global real estate platform with Bellco Capital’s longstanding track record of founding and investing in life science companies. We have brought together firsthand experience with globally-renowned public spaces and a scientific innovation team that has translated academic research into global commercial applications of life-saving medicines. Together we capitalize on the rapidly expanding, yet substantially under-supplied, life science real estate industry.

Setting a new standard in life science real estate

We leverage our team’s decades of experience to create best-in-class innovation properties with a user-driven perspective. Our superior designs prioritize flexible buildouts, and a higher standard of amenities with our unique insights on where science is trending. Breakthrough’s platform offers customers full-service ecosystems including access to life science industry pioneers, mentorship from a world-renowned scientific advisory board, and an extensive venture capital network. Our team sits at the intersection of science and real estate, and by leveraging cross-sector collaboration we drive a competitive edge.

Developing innovation communities for the future

State-of-the-art developments are currently underway in Boston, San Diego, and Oxford, with global expansion capabilities in both established and emerging life science markets. It’s just the start. Because together we have the capability to deliver best-in-class innovation communities that enable entrepreneurs and researchers to make life-changing discoveries.

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